Your Office Is Your Calling Card


Your office space speaks for your business.  When customers come through your front door, they are greeted with your view of welcome!  Are your floors shiny?  Are they buffed and clean?  Or does your office have over-flowing waste baskets?  Are the windows smudged and dirty?  These are all things a customer sees when they enter your business.  That is why the absolute best cleaning service is imperative for your employees and customers.  An untidy office speaks volumes to customers.  We know you care, but do your customers know? Take a step back and take a look. Then ask yourself, “Would I want to be my customer?”


N&A Commercial Cleaning cares about your business – so much so that we guarantee our services. Our employees are top notch. They are bonded and insured.  They are well trained in the job they are doing. We don’t just hand a mop to a new employee and turn them loose. We train them.


We also have the latest equipment. We want the best clean possible.  Old, dirty, rusty equipment doesn’t cut it. We also train each employee how to use our equipment to get the best results. We polish, buff, and in some cases even wax floors.  Our clients are #1.


We also come in when you want us to come in. Evenings are usually the best time for most businesses, but sometimes, daytime works best. It depends on your business and your time schedule. We offer restroom cleaning, kitchen, break room, windows, upholstery, carpeting, and many other services. Each employee who does specialty cleaning is trained and certified in that type of cleaning. We take cleaning seriously. It’s our job.  We hire the best people to get the job done right. Call N&A Commercial Cleaning today.