Yes, We Clean Restaurants Too!

The next time you visit a restaurant, if it is carpeted, think about how dirty restaurant carpeting must get. Patrons spill food, bring in debris from the street, and food gets ground into the carpet. Workers coming from the kitchen, servers, management, and all other restaurant staff track grease on their shoes from the kitchen and outdoors as well. This happens daily.


When it comes to cleaning, restaurant carpeting is amongst the worst carpets to clean. It takes special equipment, training, and cleaners to remove the ground-in dirt that accumulates daily. Carpeting attracts and holds onto dirt.


After a thorough vacuuming, carpets should be pre-sprayed with a cleaner specifically formulated for restaurant carpets. The cleaner should be brushed into the carpet to penetrate the oils and debris. Hot water is used to extract the ground-in dirt and debris. Rinsing is the final step.  Using air movers will decrease the drying time. Mats located throughout the restaurant should be cleaned as well.


A lot goes into keeping carpets clean and sparkling. Restaurants especially should have a routine maintenance program with scheduled carpet cleanings. Regular cleaning extends the life of the carpet, promotes a healthy indoor environment, and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the atmosphere.


Tailor your needs according to how much business you have at any given time.  In between shampooing can include dry soil removal and vacuuming.  Interim cleanings are suggested. Dry foam is another maintenance procedure for in-between deep cleanings. Talk to an N&A Commercial Cleaning expert about your needs.


Set up an appointment today with N&A Commercial. We have plans to fit any budget.  Call us for all of your business cleaning needs. Bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms, entry and exit areas, upholstery, windows, and everything in between. Call for a free estimate.