With Recent Coronavirus Resurgence, Consider Disinfection

For the last few months, we’ve been busy cleaning office spaces and other workplaces to stop the spread of coronavirus. However, we recognize that our extra vigilance can’t stop. With the recent resurgence of cases in Miami, south Florida, Tampa, and our hometown of Orlando, we know we are needed now more than ever. Sadly, June and July saw large upticks in Florida. We understand that reopening your business means reopening your livelihood — that is why we are prepared to disinfect your businesses.


As previously stated in our other blogs and multiple CDC reports, coronavirus spreads through droplets on surfaces and in the air that predominately come from sneezing and coughing. Offices, restaurants, and retail stores are especially prone to such spread during reopening. In the offices, we sanitize frequently touched surfaces, including doorknobs, desks, board meeting tables, and chairs. Thoroughly wiping down surfaces with disinfecting cleaning products is one of the most recommended cleaning jobs that minimizes COVID-19 spread.


Retail and services stores, such as auto repair shops, have enough foot traffic in them to distribute the virus, if someone who is positive enters. With proper cleaning and sanitizing, we’ll have the place looking fresh and eliminate any sickness.


Since the start of the pandemic and with recent surges of new cases, we now understand that our responsibility is not only to make commercial spaces smell and look nice, but to also disinfect so our customers won’t be in contact with the coronavirus. Given the circumstances of the rise of the virus, cleaning is needed now more than ever.


At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we strive to provide the best possible cleaning service that will make your workspace look new and, above all, keep you safe from viral spread. Disinfection is our newest and main goal for our valued customers. We offer daily or weekly cleaning appointments so your workplace can remain tidy and uncontaminated. Want to have janitorial supplies when we are away helping another customer? Don’t worry, we provide sanitary supplies that’ll allow you to clean whenever you need to. Call us today at 407-734-1728!