Why Janitorial Service?

In today’s busy business world, it’s important to have a clean environment for your employees and your clients. When a company first opens their doors, things are simple. As the company grows, more employees are hired and more cleaning is needed. That’s when you need a professional janitorial service. Starting out, you want a company who is willing to do big or small jobs. The old phrase “no job is too big or too small” is still relevant today.


If your business is white collar, you may need a different type of cleaning service than a blue collar company. However, both types of businesses want to offer a clean, comfortable atmosphere to do business in.


A lawyer or real estate broker would want total cleaning – windows, carpets, upholstery, trash removal, kitchen services, refrigerator cleaning, microwave and other appliance cleaning. Everything should sparkle. The auto repair shop may just want a clean area where their clients wait. There should be a clean kitchen area and vending machines available. Bathrooms, no matter where you are, must be clean and sanitary if you expect to keep your clients. A doctor or dentist will want a clean and totally sanitary waiting area and exam rooms.


Finding a company on line that does it all is where you start. They should offer insured and bonded personnel. Backgrounds should always be checked.  No janitorial service should “hide” anything from you. They should be able to offer you a 100% open-book approach to their janitorial services. You should be able to trust your business in the off hours to a company that will take care of your business as if it were their own.


Remember, the condition of your office or waiting area reflects on your business. Make sure it shines.