Why Choose N&A Commercial Cleaning?

We don’t take cleaning lightly. When it comes to the task, N&A Commercial Cleaning always delivers careful attention to detail and quality cleaning with our appointments, making sure we eliminate any sicknesses and leave the place looking and smelling fresh. We understand that there are numerous other cleaning companies to choose from in the Orlando area. However, we want to show you what we do differently, and why you should choose us over other the competition.


At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we now know that it is also our top priority to clean commercial buildings so we can help disinfect coronavirus. Not only do we make the office look new, we also use precise methods to sanitize frequently touched areas so viral spread can be lessened. We understand we have a new responsibility in public health safety, and we’re ready to take it on.


While other companies may only provide a janitorial kind of cleaning, we also specialize in many other types. Window cleaning? We’ll be there. Upholstery and furniture cleaning? We’ve got that too. Outside pressure washing? Just schedule an appointment. Post-construction cleanup? We’re on our way. We also are equipped to offer any kind of floor maintenance — tile and grout cleaning, waxing and polishing wood or vinyl floors, and carpet cleaning that removes stains. Not only do we offer a multitude of cleaning services, we also provide cleaning supplies to our customers so you can tidy up while we are busy with another client.


Our staff is specially trained and highly experienced in cleaning. They can get the job done right. Excellent customer care is what we strive for, and we know great customer service starts with our employees in the field. Our staff is ready to handle any deadlines or delays. You, the customer, are our number one concern.


With valuable client appreciation, several cleaning services, and our readiness for our newfound responsibility during coronavirus, we at N&A Commercial Cleaning strive to have a credible reason to stand out. If a customer isn’t satisfied with our cleaning job, we’ll make it up to them. Schedule a daily/weekly cleaning appointment with us, or any other of our other cleanup services you may need. Call us at 407-947-7186 for more information.