Yes, We Clean Walls!

Washing walls isn’t something most people enjoy doing, but did you know that a professional wall cleaning can make dull, dingy walls look freshly painted?


If you’re not ready to re-paint your office, you might benefit from a professional wall cleaning. A good paint job should last years if properly maintained, so call N&A Commercial Cleaning to keep walls looking new.


Our clients tell us again and again how they can’t believe what a difference a professional cleaning made to their walls. “They brought back the original color, beauty, and brightness.”


How We Clean Walls:


  • When N&A Commercial Cleaning cleans walls, we start with the basics. First, we determine the type of paint used as this will determine the technique employed to clean the surface. Some paints can be scrubbed while others need a gentler approach.
  • The walls are vacuumed thoroughly to remove flakes, debris, and other particulate matter that may be launched airborne during the cleaning process.
  • The surface is tested for durability.
  • Stains are treated at mid-level, where the walls are the dirtiest. It’s not only kids who like to touch the walls. Leaning against a wall with hands behind your back can leave oily stains, and over time, skin oils become dirt magnets.


Only eco-friendly cleaners are used for stubborn stains and dirt buildup. After all stains are removed, starting from the top, our professional technicians begin washing the walls. Once an area is thoroughly cleaned, it is left to dry to prevent streaks. This process is continued until the entire wall surface has been cleaned. The baseboards are treated last.


Our technicians are careful not to spill any cleaning products on the floor. Towels and drop cloths are used to keep everything dry.


Are you ready to start spring cleaning? Don’t forget the walls. Call N&A Commercial Cleaning today.