We Clean Dorms and Apartment Buildings

We Clean Dorms and Apartment BuildingsBy now, you know that we clean workplaces such as offices. But did you know that we also clean dorms and apartments? We service dorm room floors, including both textile and carpet. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we believe both the place you live and work should be clean. We strive to provide quality cleaning service to our valued customers all over Orlando.


We understand that after a long day of classes, tests, assignments, quizzes and homework, a dirty dorm area can just add to the stress for students. However, a clean carpet and building exterior free of muck will make the dorm look brand new and enjoyable. We provide truck-mounted carpet cleaning and outside pressure washing services. Have your university’s students come home to a fresh building and be less overwhelmed.


What we do for dorms, we can do for apartments. After your residents arrive home from work, they will take comfort in seeing a clean apartment building, in the interior and exterior. Eliminating dirt and grime outside their room or complex entrance makes the place inviting and respectable. After an overwhelming day at work, brighten up their day by brightening up their home.


If there are any areas within the dorm and/or apartment that need to be dusted or wiped down, we’ve got you covered. We make sure all stains and dust bunnies are cleaned away and that the place looks nice and fresh. Dorms and apartments are just as important as workplaces. We can do deep cleanings in between semesters or tenants to prepare for the next group of residents.


Are you looking for a service to clean your dorm building or apartment complex? If so, N&A Commercial Cleaning is ready and prepared. Our specially trained technicians are equipped with the latest in cleaning technology. Putting the customers first, we ensure that our clients are satisfied with our cleaning services. We can work out a schedule that fits your needs. To schedule a cleaning appointment call 407-734-1728.