We Can Help Your Building Stay Clean for the Recent Upsurge in Covid Cases

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we are committed to meeting the needs of our clients. Whether it is a daily or weekly appointment, we’ll be there to make the place look spotless and smell fresh. Our cleaning technicians are specially trained, and we clean an office or building as if it was our own. From carpeting to upholstery, to windows to wood/metal furniture – nothing is too big or too small. From waxing and polishing to total restroom cleanup, we are there to keep your business looking sharp.


Since customer satisfaction is our focus, we are available to clean your workspace during the recent upsurge in COVID-19 cases from the delta variant. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic last year, we realized that one of our new responsibilities is health safety in the form of cleaning. We are glad to play our part to eliminate the virus with our services.


What do we typically clean in the workplace? We get rid of smudges on windows, remove stains on carpets and disinfect the air. To help exterminate any harmful allergens, germs, and especially viruses, we’ll wipe down surfaces such as tables, desks and chairs. Trouble spots like bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms, and conference rooms are no problem for our modern technology and old-fashioned elbow grease. We’ll also freshen up the air, targeting any airborne illnesses. We take special care in what we do, which is why we are attentive to what we clean to eliminate viruses.


Disinfecting the office or any other type of workplace is important to slow the spread of the coronavirus, especially with the new variant. If you work in retail or a restaurant, we’ll also be more than ready to disinfect the area to get rid of any possible illnesses. If you own a commercial building, we are prepared to keep it clean so you can provide the best customer service to your clients.


With the rollout of the vaccine, following CDC and state health guidelines, and proper cleaning, the delta strain and upsurge in cases doesn’t have to be as harmful as predicted. If you are looking for a regular cleaning appointment, or any other services to tidy up your workplace, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will come out and evaluate your business, your daily needs, your monthly needs, and your current expenditures. We will go over everything with you and put together a program we think you’ll love. Call 407-734-1728 for more information or to schedule a day with us!