We Can Help When Cleaning is Difficult


Cleanliness in the workplace has multiple invisible benefits. It improves the physical health of your employees by reducing allergens and tripping hazards, mental health by reducing distractions, and emotional health, leading to improved workplace relationships. It is also a small way for you as the employer to show your employees that you truly care about their well-being by providing a clean and well-maintained work environment. When cleanliness has so many benefits, it can be difficult to understand why so many people have trouble maintaining a clean work or personal environment. There are three things making organization and cleanliness so difficult. 


Too Much Clutter

A workspace should feel personal but remain uncluttered. Every item in a workspace should be adding value to the work environment. An overabundance of items cluttering the space provides constant distraction and less space for more necessary items. Reducing the number of items cluttering your workspace can be difficult because humans routinely become emotionally attached to objects too easily. We should strive to regularly donate or throw away items that no longer serve their purpose or find a new place to store these items as the space becomes cleaner and more organized. 


Not Enough Time

Employees need every minute of the workday for work and do not have the extra time to clean the way they might like. Organizing and cleaning even a small space can take a lot of time. It is often tempting to give up before you start because it feels like you don’t have enough time to complete work and keep a clean space. Unfortunately, a disorganized workplace causes you to work less efficiently and therefore need more time for work. It’s a vicious cycle that can be hard to break. But by taking things one step at a time, in 15 to 30-minute increments, it is easier to maintain a clean and organized workspace. 


Forgetting that Clean and Peaceful Feeling

Few things are more satisfying than a clean space, whether at home or work. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to slip back into bad habits in a clean space. It’s tempting to leave that book out to come back to it sooner rather than later or let the coffee cup sit an extra day because you drank black coffee. But this continues the previously mentioned vicious cycle. Instead of leaving things to become a big mess again, keep these reasons for disorganization in mind and look for some anti-cluttering blogs for more tips to keep the mess cleaned up regularly. 


Spending the time and effort to keep the workspace clean is well worth the effort and provides multiple invisible benefits that improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of your employees. The combination of effort between employer and employees shows the respect that everyone has for each other and the dedication to a job well done. For more information on how our highly experienced staff can meet the unique needs of your company, take advantage of our Free Commercial Cleaning Estimate or give us a call at 407-734-1728.