Valuable Tips From Professional Cleaners

Cleaning is an inevitable task and can also be a frustrating one. Some cleanups can be plain dreadful while others are tricky and hard to master. Thus, the greatest and brightest from the industry of cleaning have provided some amazing tips so that you can be on your way to a better and cleaner household.


A Drop Of Oil


A small drop of oil can be used to get those pesky fingerprints out of your stainless steal. Use a small drop of olive or baby oil with a piece of paper to shine the stainless steal and watch as the magic happens. Say goodbye to fingerprints!


White Chalk?


Yes, white chalk. Keep some white chalk in the laundry room so you can apply to grease stains. This will absorb the oil and help for a perfectly finished clean. If you don’t have any on hand, try cornstarch or talcum powder—let it sit for ten minutes and then wash.


What Else Can Cornstarch Do?


Add a teaspoon of cornstarch to a cup of white vinegar and a cup of water. The results? A perfect window cleaning solution that will leave your glass shiny and crystal clear every time. The cornstarch acts as a nice natural abrasive that works away at grime and leaves the glass streak-free!


Another Household Item: White Vinegar


White vinegar is yet another household item that can be turned into a great cleaning solution. Employ white vinegar to help you tackle mineral deposits and water spots normally found in bathroom and kitchen faucets and fixtures. Simply add the vinegar to a paper towel or microfiber cloth then let it sit on the deposits for about 15 minutes before wiping away. The acid will break down the deposits and leave your fixtures shiny and clean.



Work From Top To Bottom


When cleaning any room, make sure you work from top to bottom and from the back to the front. Dusting items like the ceiling fan and then sweeping your floors starting farthest from the door will ensure you’re not cleaning the same surface twice. Let the dust fall on the floor in the beginning and then finish the job.



Toilet Brushes

Cleaning the toilet is a little gross, something everyone can probably agree on. Well, make it a little less gross by closing the toilet seat on top of the brush so that it stays in between and the remaining water drips into the bowl. Leave it for ten minutes until dry. Be sure to clean all areas including the top, underside, handle lid, inner and outer bowl, and seat.


If you want to clean like a pro, then follow these tips and you’ll love how comfortable you are inside your home. Or if you want some professionals to do it for you instead, contact your local cleaning company. They have the tools and experience to clean your home or commercial location the right way.


Regardless of how the job gets done, make sure it’s done the right way!