Trusted Commercial Office Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning an office, there are some different options available:



1. The owner can do it him or herself

This option ensures everything would get done to the owners’ standards but would require a lot of time and effort that many owners simply don’t have.


2 In-house staff cleaners

Usually these are employees of the company that come in and clean at the end of the business day. But turnover can be high for these positions and outcome isn’t always reliable.


3. Contracting an independent cleaning service

While this is certainly the low-budget option, it also comes with the burden of risk as many of these business-types are uninsured.



The safest and most reliable way to clean and maintain your officers is to hire a professional cleaning company. Professional cleaners like N&A Commercial Cleaning are fully insured and bonded, properly-staffed, and highly trained to be able to provide the highest quality service.


N&A Commercial Cleaning cleans offices of all sizes and our staff consists of professional employees who have varying areas of expertise such as carpet or upholstery shampooing. All employees wear company uniforms and carry proper identification.


Experience the difference a professional cleaning company can make for your office, clinic, academic institution, or other places of business.


N&A offers free estimates for cleaning services and there are never hidden charges. Whether you’re looking to clean floors, walls, windows, restrooms, break rooms, or entire offices, you can rest assured you are receiving high-caliber service.


Other facts to keep in mind:


> We use eco-friendly cleaners to provide a clean that is good for your business and doesn’t harm the environment

> We work on your schedule. Whether nights, days, or weekends.

> We offer pressure washing, floor buffing and polishing, post-construction clean-up, and sterile environment cleaning for hospitals and clinics.


Your office is your calling card. How we clean it is ours. Call N&A Commercial Cleaning, we know you’ll love how we clean!