Tips For An Inviting Break-room

Is your break room clean and inviting?  Do your employees enjoy a sanitary atmosphere in which to take their breaks and eat lunch or rest?  Have you considered how your break room looks?


It’s nice to have a clean area to rest and prepare for afternoon duties.  Whether it’s an indoor room with a complete kitchen, or a combination of indoor/outdoor space for your staff just to unwind for a few minutes, it’s important for your company to provide it. But, there should be rules.


Make sure everyone knows they must clean up after themselves. You provide the professional janitorial service that washes the floors and counters, sinks, and empties the trash. Employees should clean up spills and other messes they make. If this is a problem, make sure you put signs around as reminders.


All refrigerated foods should require a date and initials on them. Leftovers should not remain past a day or two. Make labels available so that employees can keep track of their own food. If there’s no label, no date and no name, they run the risk of their food being tossed.


Have paper towels available for wiping counters. Sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria. Avoid them.  Make sure there’s a scoop in the ice cube bin.


Keep dish soap and sanitizer spray on the counter. Have a box of throw-away gloves handy for cleanups.    A box of baking soda in the fridge helps with odors. All appliances should be cleaned regularly. If you include this in your janitorial service, that’s fine, but employees should know that they are responsible for any messes they make.  It’s only fair.  Handles on the microwave, fridge and sink should be wiped down after each use.


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