Tips for Quickly Cleaning Your Workspace

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we believe in the benefits of a daily or weekly cleaning. Frequent cleaning always keeps your workspace fresh and presentable. However, there may be times when you need to clean in the work area without a whole cleaning crew. Fortunately, we also got you covered for that case. Not only do we provide cleaning services, we also provide cleaning supplies.


Need to take care of a spill or quickly disinfect the office after one of the employees comes in sick? We can give you easy and accessible cleaning tools for those types of situations. Listed below are three tips for cleaning when we’re not there.


  1. Cleaning a spill.

We’ve all had to clean a spill before, and it is no fun; however, it needs to get done. Make sure that you are getting rid of the spill effectively. Paper towels and sanitation supplies should do the trick. Absorbent materials are the best method for cleaning any fallen liquids, and cleaning products will remove any leftover sticky residue. Once the spill is off the floor, the risk of anyone slipping or a leftover smell will be gone.


  1. Quick disinfection of the office.

Most of the time, an employee never comes in ill, but for the chance that they do, you should be prepared. Also, talks of a stomach bug or any sickness going around calls for a quick disinfection of your office space. We have the sanitary supplies for such a case. Clean any surfaces, especially the areas a majority of your employees use. Wipes down your computer mouse, keyboard, phone, or any other devices you use frequently. Make sure you also get rid of any dust bunnies that may cause allergies. A productive day starts with a clean workspace.


  1. Eliminating any odors.

Having trouble with an unpleasant smell in the workspace? We got deodorizing sprays for you. Spray it around the office to do the trick. Find the source of the smell and spray it in that general area to eliminate it. A trash bin with a lid will also keep any awful scents at bay. We also have trash can liners for you, so the quicker you take out the garbage, the less likely an undesirable aroma will come.


The cleanliness of your workspace is very valuable to us. That’s why we provide janitorial cleaning supplies for the times we’re not there to clean the work area ourselves. Since we stock your cleaning products, your company won’t have to waste time going out and buying your own supplies. We help you keep track of your inventory.


If you want any of these supplies or any other cleaning services, call us at 407-734-1728 for a free estimate. We hope to do business with you!