Three Types of Cleaning Services

N&A Commercial Cleaning

It can be a challenge to find a trusted commercial cleaning provider for your commercial building or office space. Each space has many factors influencing the type of cleaning services your business needs, so no two companies will have the same needs. Commercial properties have a larger number of daily occupants and a lot of foot traffic even when remote work options are available. There are three general types of cleaning services that need to be modified to fit the needs of your business.


Janitorial Services

Every business can benefit from janitorial services. Janitorial services are what most people think of when they think of cleaning needs.  These are the invisible bits of maintenance that keep your workspace looking clean and tidy while you take care of business. Common services include trash service, hard surface cleaning, restocking paper products in break rooms and bathrooms, and can sometimes include upholstery or carpet cleaning or window washing. The broader the range of cleaning services that are offered, the more quickly and efficiently any situation can be taken care of.


Disinfection Services

Unfortunately, commercial properties tend to be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and viruses, particularly in the winter months. It’s essential to consider adding disinfection services to the regular cleaning schedule or regularly add an extra cleaning service time specifically to disinfect the space. Within disinfection services, there are typically three offerings: re-opening detail sanitizing, disinfecting response, or, the newest offering, Covid-19 disinfecting response. Each offering has a different purpose and level of disinfection. Re-opening detail sanitizing is ideal for when the space is re-opening to the public rather than just required personnel. Disinfecting response is a general disinfecting after large events, or it has been awhile since the last disinfection. The Covid-19 response includes regular cleaning and disinfecting but adds an additional disinfectant that kills viruses for up to four additional hours.


Construction Cleaning

Construction cleaning services are designed to take your newly built or renovated space and remove that layer of dust and grime that construction brings so that your employees and customers have a beautiful space to be in. Construction cleanup includes debris clean-up, standard cleaning, and detail cleaning. Construction cleaning crews should also be using PPE and have certain OSHA certifications for safety and compliance purposes.


N&A Commercial Cleaning offers the flexibility, expertise, and customer service that results in a dependable, high-quality clean. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services designed to meet every possible need, whether it be janitorial, disinfection, or remodeling and construction. Click here to request a free estimate and see how we can customize our services to your environment.