Three Tips for Avoiding Office Germs


Offices are full of public surfaces you may interact with on the way to your desk and throughout the workday. This allows germs to transfer from public to private spaces a little too easily. Germs in private spaces mean more interaction and a higher likelihood that you will become ill with illnesses such as Covid-19, MRSA, staph infections, colds, and cases of flu. Public spaces are constantly touched and should be routinely cleaned along with your personal workspace. There are a few suggestions to keeping things clean that include reducing office clutter, cleaning electronic devices, and keeping an organized desk.


Reducing Office Clutter

The removal of clutter across public and personal spaces is beneficial to the health of your employees. Three ways to reduce office clutter include:

  1. Place trash cans and recycle bins strategically around the office so there is no excuse not to use them.
  2. Reduce the amount of paper taking up space by scanning files, reading on-screen rather than paper, and if printing is required, print double-sided.
  3. Shred old documents and minimize the number of new physical documents that are kept in the office.


Cleaning Office Electronics

Whether for personal use or the whole office, electronics are constantly touched and gather lots of dirt and germs. Before cleaning, make sure all devices have been turned off. Spray an approved electronics cleaner onto a cloth and wipe all items gently. A can of compressed air can help loosen dirt in crevices before wiping. If necessary, a cotton swab will also clean small crevices. This method works for a monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and telephone. Surrounding surfaces should be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner with disinfectant to tackle any food or drink stains that may be hiding amongst the dust.


Organizing Your Desk

The best way to keep your desk organized is to handle everything as it comes to you, but this is practically impossible. When cleaning time comes, sort every item on your desk into categories such as Immediate Action, File, Recycle/Shred, Trash, Personal, Desk Necessities. Then tackle one category at a time until there’s nothing left but the surface of your desk. Give that a quick scrub and you’re good to go.


To avoid germ transfer around the office and into your personal space, reduce clutter, clean your personal electronics, and maintain an organized workspace. You can also hire N&A Cleaning to regularly clean and disinfect your public spaces and surfaces to help decrease the number of public germs making it into private spaces. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules or one-time cleaning. We work around your schedule, so you can get your work done without sacrificing the cleanliness and beauty of your surroundings. For more information on how N&A can help your office cleanliness, contact us for a free cleaning estimate