Three Office Spots That Are Most Prone to Germ and Virus Spread

As we start returning to our offices, it’s important that we ensure they are clean so people can stay safe from Coronavirus. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we understand that times are different, and we have a new responsibility of eliminating possible sicknesses. You want your employees to feel safe and have peace of mind as they return to the building. A thorough and frequent disinfection of the office lets them know you are concerned for their welfare.


Knowing where trouble spots exist in your office is worthwhile information to focus cleaning efforts. In this blog, we’ll go over the office spots that are most prone to germs and viruses, making them top priority for cleaning. Here are the three highly susceptible areas of the office to decontaminate:


Board and Meeting Rooms

The meeting room is where discussions, helpful communication, problem solving, and deals take place. Since it is a frequently visited room, keeping it clean is a smart decision. The chairs and table are repeatedly touched, increasing the potential for spreading germs and viruses. Because of this reality, daily or weekly cleaning may prevent illnesses. Not only that, but it will make the board room look brand new, giving it a fresh fragrance and atmosphere as everyone comes back to the workspace.


Break Room and Kitchen

Of course, where food is prepared and eaten is an area you want to keep disinfected. A thorough wipe down of the counters, tables, sink, drawers, and refrigerator handle will go a long way in getting rid of germs and viruses and making the place look appealing. Keep cleaning products on hand so individuals can clean up after themselves in between break times.



The desks are an area where you and your employees work the most. Objects and surfaces are touched many times around your desk. Sanitizing these items will not only remove germs and viruses, it will also declutter the workspace. When your desk is clean and organized, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and will be able to think more clearly about the tasks at hand. The desks may be the most prone to germ/virus spread, which means they are top priority for cleaning.


A clean office is good for morale, but post quarantine, it is also good for mitigating the spread of illness. Coming into a decontaminated and pleasantly smelling office will make the workspace enjoyable and safe. If a daily or weekly cleaning appointment is what you’ve been searching for, then reach out to us. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we want to provide quality cleaning services to our valued customers. Outside, inside, carpets, windows, and more — we do it all! Call us at 407-734-1728!