Three Changes Bringing the Cleaning Industry Forward

Businesses have been forced to make lots of changes over the last few years, and the commercial cleaning industry was not immune. While many do not feel like there can be much change in the commercial cleaning industry, there have been three major categories of change. Green cleaning, innovative technologies, and advanced employee training are bringing the commercial cleaning industry into the twenty-first century.


Green Cleaning

While green cleaning as an idea and a specialty has been around for years, minimizing environmental damage has become an increasingly important consideration in today’s commercial cleaning industry. The difference is that in the past, that only involved the use of a green product but now goes beyond that to looking at the entire chain of production to minimize impact in creation, packaging, labeling, and transporting.


Innovative Technologies

The cleaning industry isn’t normally one where people think there’s much innovative change, but there has been development of exoskeletons as well as studies on how UV-C can be used to sanitize air and surfaces. UV-C is the use of ultraviolet radiation within a certain wavelength as a highly effective sterilization and disinfection method. This radiation destroys the DNA of bacteria and viruses, including bacteria resistant superbugs, and is an important technology in hospitals and medical centers. While the technology has existed since the 1960s, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought UV-C to the forefront of the fight against infection. Technology goes even further with a wearable mobile machine that allows for limb movement with increased strength and endurance. These exoskeletons reduce the stress on the body caused by physically demanding and often repetitive cleaning motions. With increased attention on worker wellbeing, it is likely that exoskeleton use will grow substantially in the coming years.


Advanced Training

To keep pace with new technology, commercial cleaning companies are investing in training programs that keep technicians up to date on new equipment and services available within the industry. Our employees have access to the best tools available to reduce the risk of injury or inability to complete a job due to old and faulty equipment. The result is clients who receive effective, top-quality, and economical cleaning services along with superior customer satisfaction.


With the advancement in green cleaning methods, innovation, and advanced employee training, the commercial cleaning industry is tackling the challenge of changing with the times. Here at N&A, we also add customized services specifically designed to fit the needs of your business. We can tackle Covid cleaning and special services tailored to your cleaning requirements. For more information on how we can help your business meet the cleanliness standards that you desire, give us a call at 407-734-1728 for a cleaning estimate or click here to make a request for an estimate on our website.