Three Benefits to Having A Clean School

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we not only clean offices, we also clean schools. Our specially trained technicians are ready for any school cleaning job they may do. We understand that maintaining your school building by cleaning and disinfecting is important for students, faculty, and staff members.


A tidy school may lead to some amazing results. In a place of learning and making new friends, ensuring it is of quality condition provides the perfect atmosphere that embodies the care you have for your students. If you want your school to be spotless, schedule an appointment with us. Read on for three benefits to a clean school.



Promotes Respectability

With every institution, keeping the building uncluttered creates a fresh new look, therefore making it look respectable. A place that takes the time and money to clean their area shows that they care about their place of business. Schools are no different. A school that ensures cleanliness demonstrates a care for their employees and students.



Stops Illnesses

Any place where there are many people, sickness can spread, and a school is one of those places. As we’ve seen with the recent Coronavirus, any large pockets of people can spread an illness around very quickly. When there is no threat of a major virus, however, it is still smart to have a thorough cleaning of the school to eliminate any germs, allergens, and any other sicknesses. A clean school helps students stay healthy.



Fosters a Positive Environment  

An environment that is uncluttered and has a fresh feeling fosters a less overwhelming learning experience. If a school is dirty, students may have trouble learning by being distracted and feeling like they are in a filthy area. Conversely, a clean school provides a positive atmosphere that has less stress. The environment where people study can impact learners more than they know.


During the Covid-19 pandemic and as summer approaches, while students are away, we can give your school building a deep clean inside and outside to prepare for your students’ return. We can follow that up with a cleaning schedule that works for you. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we are prepared for any cleaning job at any place. Our goal is to ensure our valued customers are completely satisfied with our work. We strive to provide the best cleaning services for Orlando. Schedule a daily or weekly cleaning with us! Call 407-734-1728 for more information!