The Surprising Consequence of Dirty Ceiling Fans

Not many people spend time during their day to stare at the ceiling, making this a very easy area to neglect with regards to cleaning and maintenance. If you’ve ever seen ceiling fans that have been ignored, you understand why it’s important to keep them clean. One flick of a switch can send particles flying, covering the room in a sprinkling of dust bunnies.


Don’t let this happen to you:


A customer was out at a local restaurant and about to order when he noticed the squeaky fan above his table. The blades were coated with dust and had some cobwebs dangling from it just a few feet over his head (and his plate!) The dirt was caked-on and looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in years. After seeing this the customer decided to leave and eat elsewhere. If a restaurant doesn’t keep their ceiling fans clean, what else is being ignored?


Here are three simple steps to help you keep your ceiling fans clean:

Break out the vacuum


A simple solution for any business owner is to use a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner, and vacuum both sides of the fan blades. Vacuum the areas near the motor and the top of the motor as well.


Rinse it down


When all the dirt has been removed, use hot, soapy water to wipe the blades and the edges thoroughly. You’ll be surprised how dirty the water is when you’re done.  Wash and dry both sides twice to make sure you get all of the grime.


Prevent future buildup


When complete, use spray-on furniture polish on the blades. This helps prevent buildup of dirt. However, fans should be cleaned every couple of months or once a month if you own a restaurant.


It’s the little things like this that keep customers coming back to your business. Not everyone will notice a dirty ceiling fan, but the people who do will appreciate the attention to pay to the details.


In the meantime, N&A Commercial Cleaning wants you to know that we clean ceiling fans along with the rest of your business office, restaurant, or other retail type of business. Call today for a free quote.