The Office Cleaning Checklist You Need

There are few things more important than a clean office, but how often should you clean and what should take priority? Well, we’ve created a checklist for you to use to make sure you’re not missing any crucial areas.


Take this list along as you do a walkthrough of your business offices.


Breakroom (check towards the end of day)


  • Dishes (are they washed and put away)
  • Trash (is it removed with a fresh liner)
  • Counters (are the clear and clean)
  • Sink (is it free of dishes, food particles, or other debris)
  • Appliances (are they clean and polished)


Washrooms (check twice a day)


  • Toilet paper (are all stalls stocked)
  • Hand soap (is the hand soap low)
  • Paper towels or hand towels (do they need to be restocked or washed)
  • Toilet bowl (are they clean)
  • Floors (are they dry and free of toilet paper)
  • Trash (is it removed with a fresh liner)


The Lobby (throughout the day)


  • Floors and/or rugs (are they swept and vacuumed)
  • Windows (are they streak-free and spotless)
  • Magazines (are they stacked neatly)
  • Plants (have they been watered)
  • Tables (do these need to be dusted)
  • Candy bowl (does this need to be restocked)


Employee Work Stations (daily)


  • Papers and documents (are they stacked neatly and organized)
  • Computer screen and keyboard (have they been wiped down)
  • Phones (have they been wiped down)
  • Hand sanitizer (does this need to be restocked)


If you follow this checklist your office will be in great shape between professional cleanings. And when it’s time for a deep cleaning, be sure to call  N&A Commercial Cleaning.