The Most Frequently Touched Items in Your Business that Need to be Cleaned

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we are aware of the recent new cases of coronavirus that have been mounting over the past months. As a cleaning company, we understand that our responsibility is not only to make the place look nice, but it is also to make it feel safe. We do this by disinfecting your office, retail store, church or any other type of business you may own.


In this blog, we’re going to go over the most touched items in commercial buildings — in other words, the spots that are most prone to the virus. Not only will we disinfect and sanitize these areas, but we will also provide janitorial supplies to our customers, so you are equipped to keep the same level of cleanliness while we are away. Any common areas in your business are going to provide a list of shared items. We’re focusing on the following three:




This may be the most obvious and may have immediately popped into your head. Entering and leaving rooms and buildings involves many doorknobs touched by many different hands. In order to ensure the clean use of these handles, we will disinfect them with each visit. Try to minimize usage by propping doors open, when possible, and leave a container of wipes nearby for coworkers to keep the handles sanitized. When cleaned, you can have an even greater peace of mind as you return to work.




Whether sitting at them for lunch, meetings, or other activities, we often touch tables, making them a contaminated area. In meetings, when multiple people are touching the same table, it should be a target area for frequent disinfection. In breakrooms where food is prepared and eaten, table sanitization is a must. We’ll thoroughly clean those tables and other similar surfaces for you, and we will also offer cleaning supplies so you can do it while we’re away.


Computer Accessories


Whether you work in an office or a retail store, computers and tablets are essential tools to completing daily tasks and transactions. Utilizing our janitorial supplies, you can thoroughly decontaminate any possible germs or viruses present on computer accessories. Make sure to clean screens, keyboards, a mouse, clock-in devices, cash registers, printers and any other shared items you may come into contact with. This disinfection can even be expanded to non-electric devices, such as binders, filing cabinets, staplers and more.


With our daily or weekly appointments and your business using the cleaning supplies we have in stock, we can lower the risk of catching coronavirus. We know you want to get back to work, and we are here to help you do it safely. Every layer of protection counts. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we are here to give quality commercial building cleaning for our valued customers. Call to schedule an appointment with us at 407-947-7186.