The Importance of Office Deep Cleaning




Many businesses consider regular office deep cleanings unnecessary luxuries. In reality, they’re just as – if not more – important than your annual spring cleaning.


Offices and workplaces are shared spaces that see significant portions of time with your employees and staff. With germs having easy transfer opportunities from space to space and person to person, especially in workplaces with large numbers of people, it’s important to keep things clean and hygienic.


Here are some of the best ways to deep clean:


  1. Start top-down


Start high (windows, ceiling fans, etc) and end with floor cleaning. For example, start with dusting, wiping, and/or vacuuming light fixtures, ceiling corners and edges, and fans before moving to mid-level dusting and damp wiping that should take place on walls, wall art, signs, and sconces.


  1. Touch points and horizontal surfaces


After you’ve finished the top-down cleaning focus on areas that see a lot of interaction. Communal spaces and things frequently touched. A sanitizer or disinfectant can also be considered.


  1. Office equipment


Damp wiping of desks, tables, hard surface furniture, and various other office equipment.


  1. Forgotten areas


There are plenty of areas that get glossed over or neglected during office cleaning so don’t forget to wash window blinds, shades, and partition glass as a part of the deep cleaning routine. Same goes for high touch point devices such as phones, keyboards, and mice.


  1. Finish with floors


Floors should be thoroughly dust mopped and/or vacuumed and mopped with a floor cleaner and/or disinfectant.


How often should you deep clean?


The answer is, it depends on your office. Keep the following factors in mind:

  • Foot traffic.  How many employees work in the office?  How many visitors do you see each day?  More employees and/or more visitors can warrant more regular deep cleanings.
  • Type of business.  Are you a small business office with little traffic?  Or a large medical office with a heavy rotation of sick patients entering and exiting?  Again, the latter would require a larger quantity of deep cleanings.
  • Seasons.  Cold and flu season can spawn the need for additional sanitizing cleans.  Also, winter season with rain, snow, and muddy foot traffic can certainly generate the need for extra cleaning.


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