The Benefits of Clean Floors

191980_N&A_Art-for-Social-Media-Posts-Feb-CleanFloorsWhether your office has carpets, hardwood floors, or both, we can keep them looking clean and spotless. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we understand that floors are an especially important part of the workplace. When we glance across the room to walk, our line-of-sight lands on the floors. A dirty carpet can carry foul odor, harmful allergens, and unpleasant stains. Dirty hardwood floors appear dull with smudges and stains.


You may be asking, “Sure, there may be a stain or two on the office carpet, but does it really matter?” We say yes, it does matter, especially for fellow employees. Working in a tidy and clean office environment is beneficial to the overall wellbeing of employees. Clean and shining floors may boost morale and show your coworkers that you care about cleanliness. Even when you dust and straighten, the room doesn’t look clean until the floors are done. A waxing on hardwood floors and a shampoo clean on carpets will make the place look as good as new, especially for visiting clients and faithful employees.


Carpets that haven’t been cleaned also carry allergens that may cause sicknesses in the office. With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we at N&A Commercial Cleaning have been more aware of our responsibility for viral disinfection, not just regarding COVID-19, but also other viruses, germs, and allergens. Decontaminating the carpet will wash away any germs or pet hair that was carried in by other coworkers, improving the air quality in the building. Having the carpets deep cleaned on a consistent basis will extend the life of your carpet. In an office, specific areas receive more traffic than others—the path to the conference room or entry points, for example. These areas wear down faster, but cleaning can help prevent these paths from forming in the carpet.


We use truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment to make your carpets spotless. With a clean carpet, you not only get stainless floors and no allergens, but you get a better smelling office. Foul odors will also be eliminated when the carpet is cleaned. We can also provide floor maintenance that includes stripping and waxing for hardwood floors.  Interested in our services? If you are, give us a call today at 407-947-7186. We will schedule an appointment to clean your floors. We also do weekly and/or daily general workspace cleaning appointments. Don’t hesitate to call!