TerrazzoThose little chunks of color you see in your terrazzo flooring are actually pieces of marble mixed into a cement-like base. Taking care of terrazzo is very similar to caring for marble flooring.


Terrazzo flooring became very popular back in the Roman/Venetian era.  Pieces of marble would be left over after carving a sculpture, etc., and the scraps were incorporated into flooring. The floors were durable and long lasting.  But, in today’s world, you may wish to take extra good care of your terrazzo floors. They can be easily damaged.


The go-to material in modern times is often granite. Counter tops and backsplashes are easy to care for. Of course, they come in many colors. But, special care is needed to keep granite countertops looking new.


The same is true of terrazzo flooring. But, avoid the mistake of cleaning terrazzo as you would granite. Terrazzo is much softer and stains easily. Protect terrazzo.  Here are a few tips:


  • Never use vinegar because of its acidity. Acids can dull and etch terrazzo robbing it of its beauty.
  • Terrazzo has a thin layer of wax on it to protect it from wear and tear. Using abrasive cleaners can remove that wax. Clean floors with a dry cloth first. Then wax with terrazzo-approved wax.
  • Wipe up spills
  • Never use steel wool, powdered cleaners, or other harsh cleaners.


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