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10 Tips for End-of-Year Cleaning and Organizing Your Business

As the year draws to a close, it’s an ideal time for businesses to engage in a thorough cleaning and organizing process. A clean and organized workspace not only enhances productivity but also sets the tone for a fresh start in the coming year. Here are ten valuable end-of-year cleaning and organizing tips for businesses. […]

Four Reasons to Show Gratitude to Your Employees by Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Do you own a small business where your employees take care of everything? This November, hire a commercial cleaning company to show your gratitude to the employees who go above and beyond for you. While it is not the most obvious way to show appreciation, it can be a powerful way to say thank you. […]

9 Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, it is even more important to maintain a clean and organized office environment. With the holidays come an increase in office decorations as well as more people coming in and out of the workspace. In the excitement of it all, it is easy for clutter and mess to accumulate. These […]

Four Types of Floors and How to Keep Them Clean

Flooring is an often overlooked area that needs frequent cleaning. Commercial buildings have multiple types of flooring such as non-slip, terrazzo, hardwood, and carpet. Each of these four flooring styles requires special care.   A non-slip floor is common in commercial kitchens or other places where floors might routinely become wet to reduce the risk […]

Clean Up Your Building’s First Impression With Pressure Washing

When businesses are looking to hire a commercial cleaning company, they are usually worried about how the inside looks to visitors and if their employees are staying healthy. However, the first impression that your business makes on its employees and visitors is its exterior. Is your parking lot well-marked and easy to navigate? Are your […]

Eight Places Dirt and Germs Hide in Your Office Kitchen and Break Room

Kitchens and break rooms are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria such as E coli, salmonella, listeria, mold, and yeast. Good kitchen hygiene is necessary for the health and wellbeing of everyone who comes through. Creating a cleaning schedule can help ensure that all parts of the kitchen and break room are cleaned at the […]

3 More Office Items Easy to Overlook That Need Regular Cleaning

  Within an office space, there are a seemingly infinite number of places that dust, dirt, and germs can hide. We often talk about how to keep your desk and personal workspace clean and have mentioned a few overlooked places before in a previous blog, but now we’re highlighting three more frequently overlooked items that […]

Deep Cleaning Services for Your School or Daycare Environment

As the school year ends, now is a great time to deep clean your school building or daycare. With no students present, it is the perfect time to deep clean classrooms and bathrooms when there is minimal chance of them being disturbed. The opposite is true for daycares where it’s a great time to deep […]

Defining Office Deep Cleaning

The term deep cleaning isn’t new, but not many people think to apply it to the workplace. If you have a standard cleaning service coming to your workplace regularly, that should cover it, right? But sometimes the workplace needs more than the standard clean to guarantee the health and safety of your employees and visitors, […]

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Commercial Cleaning Company

Many people forget that a workplace is more than just a space to work in. For forty hours each week, it is a home away from home for you and your employees. Everyone working there deserves a safe, clean, and healthy workplace, but business owners have a wide range of concerns and responsibilities, and cleaning […]