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4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Commercial Cleaning Company

Many people forget that a workplace is more than just a space to work in. For forty hours each week, it is a home away from home for you and your employees. Everyone working there deserves a safe, clean, and healthy workplace, but business owners have a wide range of concerns and responsibilities, and cleaning […]

Four New Challenges to the Commercial Cleaning Industry

Since late 2019, the cleaning industry has spent a lot of time in the spotlight. It has taken a frontline position in the health and safety of the population by demonstrating best practices in cleaning and sanitation. As needs evolved and technologies advanced, the cleaning industry grew and played a major role in keeping people […]

Three Types of Cleaning Services

It can be a challenge to find a trusted commercial cleaning provider for your commercial building or office space. Each space has many factors influencing the type of cleaning services your business needs, so no two companies will have the same needs. Commercial properties have a larger number of daily occupants and a lot of […]

A Disinfection Cleaning Service Will Help Reduce the Risk of Illness in the Office

With the end of the year approaching, it is time to prepare the office for seasonal festivities. This time of year is when we invite our employees to bring their families and friends in for events, and investors may be invited as well. The office must be at its cleanest to properly host people and […]

Preparing Your Office for the Upcoming Holiday Season

It doesn’t happen very often, but some weeks or months are awkwardly empty between major events. September can be that way in Florida. School already started in August, and despite the calendar designation saying it’s fall, there will be no change in the weather here for at least another month. We are still many weeks […]

Our Standards are High and You Reap the Benefits

The cleaning industry and commercial cleaning in particular has undergone many changes over time. Ancient Egyptians valued cleanliness in both their environment and personal grooming. The carefully detailed and precise way that they buried their dead, carefully embalmed in tombs rather than in a hole in the ground or left in a cave, show the […]

Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing is Beneficial for Businesses

The term commercial cleaning covers a wide variety of cleaning methods and specialties. Commercial cleaners specialize in cleaning businesses such as office buildings, medical facilities, and attorney offices rather than residences. It requires training and knowledge about different types of cleaning methods and familiarization with varying uses of chemicals to clean different spaces. They handle […]