Summer Office Party Clean-up



As the warm season rolls around in corporate America, there are many offices which take on a celebratory tone for summer. Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July, and Memorial Day are all great excuses to invite the staff to stay on premises a bit longer and engage in some quality team building and socialization activities. Whether you’re having a barbeque to signal the season changing from spring to summer or a watch party for your favorite weekly tv series, there are plenty of ways to foster teamwork in your office via cleanliness.


  1. Common areas


Sometimes the gestures with the largest impact require the least amount of energy to implement. You may think to have an awe-inspiring and unforgettable party that you’d need to have a bunch of custom decorations and activities laid out and organized, but even the act of cleaning the common spaces in your building can go a long way toward instilling confidence and trust in your employees that this is a space which will be maintained and cared for.


  1. Details


For a truly elegant clean and wow-factor, the devil is in the details. Wiping off windowsills and dusting blinds and other window treatments. Vacuuming crevices and hard to reach places and emptying wastepaper baskets. All these additional touches go a long way toward making a facility feel well-cared for and maintained. When throwing a large gathering in a workplace, it’s always important to consider the small details that will end up leaving the lasting impressions upon a guest’s experience.


  1. Professional cleaning


While it’s perfectly feasible for you to think that you have the time and energy to tackle office jobs, such as impromptu parties and events, on your own, you would be mistaken. Not only do professional cleaning services offer better quality services than any you might have been able to provide on your own, but you can usually trust that the products and equipment the crew is using are of a quality consistent with certain expectations.


Whether you need an impromptu office luau cleanup or to prep for an upcoming office event, a professional cleaning service such as N&A Commercial Cleaning can help get your office party ready in no time.