Stopping Mold Before It Begins

Mold can be found in most buildings at some point.  As long as moisture and oxygen are present, it’s inevitable that mold will find your commercial property sooner or later. Molds can grow on wood, paper, carpet, draperies, upholstery, and insulation. If a moisture problem is not found quickly, mold becomes a health problem.  Mold can grow from:


Unvented appliances

Landscaping, chimneys and gutters that may contain water

Insufficient maintenance (cleaning) of a facility

Roof leaks, leaky windows


N&A Commercial Cleaning pays close attention to areas that may gather moisture. While cleaning your business, we look for standing water, leaky pipes, and water stains on ceiling tiles. Prevention is important, but if you suspect you already have mold, call N&A Commercial Cleaning. We’ll thoroughly check your building and offer our expert analysis.


Daily cleaning in any office is important. We take pride in cleaning every area in offices and commercial buildings. Floors, walls, ceilings, carpeting, employee break rooms, restrooms, windows, and any appliance that may contain water are inspected and thoroughly cleaned. When we say we clean, we mean we clean everything.  We also offer pressure cleaning for the outside of your premises to make sure mold doesn’t have a chance to grow.


We don’t just clean, we also inspect while we clean. A good cleaning crew can spot a disaster before it happens. Once mold growth begins, the air will become contaminated. That’s when health problems can develop.


Call N&A Commercial Cleaning for all of your commercial cleaning. We offer nothing but the best in cleaning. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified according to N&A Commercial’s very strict standards. When we’re done cleaning, you can rest assured that your place of business is clean and safe.  Call us today.