Spring Cleaning Begins Now!

Winter is almost over and spring is in the air. It’s that time of year again – time to freshen up your work space and welcome the warmer temperatures.  N&A Commercial Cleaning is your reliable go-to cleaning service for spring cleaning.


From inside to outside, N&A Commercial does it right the first time.


  • We pressure clean exterior walls.
  • Dirty windows? No problem. We do windows too.
  • We’ll clean debris from around your building and even remove trash and leaves from your parking lot and surrounding area.
  • We’ll pressure clean the walkways.  This is your curb appeal. It’s an invitation that you’re open for business. A fresh, clean appearance is important in drawing in customers.


N&A Commercial will also clean your office interior. Freshly cleaned carpeting, upholstery, windows and doors will change the appearance of your work space.  Freshly cleaned and polished floors, break room appliances, and all office furniture are inviting.


Some surfaces harbor germs:


  • Computer keyboards, desk surfaces, telephone handles, doorknobs, and other common surfaces are disinfected and cleaned to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading. The small details are important.
  • Bathrooms and break rooms need to be thoroughly cleaned more often than any other space. Offer your clients a clean environment when they visit your business. Employees also appreciate a clean work environment.  Have you ever walked into a business bathroom and found it so dirty that you turned around and walked out?  Most people have.  N&A Commercial will keep these areas spotless.


When it comes to commercial cleaning, think of N&A Commercial Cleaning.  Our highly trained technicians get the job done right!  They are background checked, insured and bonded.  Safety first!


Call N&A Commercial Cleaning today for a free quote.  We offer cleaning plans for most budgets.