Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Good kitchen hygiene is imperative for commercial kitchens. There’s just no other way to put it. But we understand keeping a restaurant kitchen clean can definitely be a challenge. And managing regular cleanings can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be.


Creating a cleaning schedule is a great way to make sure all the moving parts of a restaurant kitchen get attended to in the proper frequency. Post it somewhere visible so all employees can see and participate. Assign different duties to each employee and keep people accountable by having all completed tasks signed off by a manager.


Your schedule can start with things that need cleaning throughout EVERY cooking shift such as:


  • Emptying trash bins
  • Wiping down line and prep areas
  • Changing sanitizing water and replacing cleaning rags frequently
  • Brushing grill often – especially between cooking red meat, poultry and fish
  • Switching out cutting boards


Here are some sample tasks for after a shift (breakfast, lunch and dinner):


  • Vacuuming or shaking out floor mats
  • Scrubbing down fryers
  • Brushing the grill
  • Having rags, aprons, and chefs coats sent to the laundry (rags separately)
  • Washing and sanitizing ALL surfaces that come into contact with food.
  • Wiping down range hoods
  • Properly cleaning and stowing any utensils
  • Organizing the walk-in freezer or refrigerator, making sure everything is sealed and put away.


When you’ve reached the point of exhaustion there’s always N&A Commercial Cleaning. We’ll develop a routine cleaning schedule that meets the demands of restaurant sanitation. Our staff are highly trained and provided with the right equipment to clean even the dirtiest of restaurant kitchens. But we still recommend the cleaning schedule to supplement and extend all commercial cleanings. Call today for your free estimate.