Quick Tips For A Cleaner Office

After your cleaning service is gone for the day, there are ways to keep your workspace clean and looking fresh for longer periods of time. Always pay attention to the potential for clutter. Keep papers in neat piles on your desk. Put things back after you use them.


Clean your phone frequently. Keep a bottle of isopropyl alcohol in a drawer with some cotton balls and wipe down the phone several times throughout the day. This goes a long way in preventing the sharing of germs.  Don’t forget to clean your keyboard and, if you use one, your tablet. It won’t hurt to wipe down your ear buds as well.


Run a sticky note between the keys on your keyboard. This picks up crumbs and eraser bits. If you find yourself sneezing throughout the day, it might be dust in your surroundings. Vacuum the tops of books and other small areas that don’t ordinarily get cleaned.  Another place where hidden dust lurks is on that chair pad at your desk. Make sure it gets wiped down at least once a week.  Even plants collect dust. Spray them with water and gently sponge the leaves.


If you have chosen kitchen duty instead of your janitorial service doing the work, ask all employees to chip in. Everyone should clean up after themselves. Clear the refrigerator of old food. The door handle should be wiped clean frequently as well as the microwave handle. No sense passing germs around. There should always be soap and a sponge available to wipe the counter and tabletops.


Leave the big stuff to NA Commercial Cleaning. We’ll take care of the floors, bathrooms, waste baskets, and other larger areas in your office. If we all pitch in, it makes for a cleaner day!  Call for a free estimate.