Pressure Cleaning

Attracting new business is important, but you wouldn’t greet a new client in dirty, wrinkled clothes, would you? Why let your office building look dingy and dirty?  Before you loosen the purse strings and consider re-painting, you should consider pressure cleaning.


Pressure washing is the use of extremely high water pressure with an industrial power washer attached to a water supply (usually an outdoor hose).  This can remove layers of caked on dirt and grime, including oil and grease stains from cement, in a very short time. Pressure cleaning should only be done by a professional.


There are even special chemicals and techniques that can be used to remove graffiti. For example, a mixture of air and sand can remedy surfaces that have been vandalized. However, take care when using this approach since over-cleaning is possible and can leave “scars” on the surface.


Once the building and driveway/parking lot are cleaned, it’s amazing how fresh and new everything looks.  You may want to consider having the windows washed to complete your spring cleanup.


Pressure cleaning is one of our specialties. Our clients are amazed at how clean their buildings look once we’re through. And the savings are significant over the cost of re-painting.


N&A Commercial Cleaning will clean your building and surrounding property quickly and efficiently. We offer free estimates and friendly, trained staff for all your cleaning needs. By using the latest equipment, we ensure that our technicians provide the highest quality service.


N&A Commercial Cleaning is an Eco-Friendly company, which means we also take care not to pollute ground water and surrounding areas with our cleaning products.


Spring is just around the corner. Let us provide you with expert service at competitive pricing. Call today before the rush!