Preparing Your Office for the Upcoming Holiday Season

N&A commercial cleaning

It doesn’t happen very often, but some weeks or months are awkwardly empty between major events. September can be that way in Florida. School already started in August, and despite the calendar designation saying it’s fall, there will be no change in the weather here for at least another month. We are still many weeks away from the holiday frenzy. So how can we take advantage of this time to prepare the office for the upcoming holiday season? Now is the time to lay out expectations for your employees and your cleaning company over the holiday season.


Prioritize the areas that need cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. With more activity in the office space, it may be better to have your cleaning company handle the sanitizing and disinfecting and encourage your employees to take even better care of their personal spaces.


Your cleaning company is hired to complete a list of tasks. A couple of frequently completed tasks are wiping surfaces and emptying the trash. Too often the surfaces have random papers left on them that risk being trashed even if they are important. Make sure all printed, cut, or otherwise modified paper items are properly stored before the cleaning company arrives. This preparation saves your employees from heartache when important papers get trashed and saves the cleaning company unnecessary work. Other examples include making sure office supplies are stored properly and that break room snacks and drinks are put away.


Choose or create a cleaning package carefully. Your cleaning company can’t guess at what you want done depending on the state of the office. You need to be clear what you need done and either choose a pre-defined package or work with your cleaning company to create a package that meets your cleaning expectations. You also don’t want to consistently be paying for extra services that you don’t need. Talk with your current cleaning company if something else is needed temporarily. If you’re searching for a new cleaning service, look for customizable plans that fit your budget and have flexible schedules.

Here at N&A Commercial Cleaning we pride ourselves on our flexibility, availability, and expertise. We will work with you to meet and exceed your expectations. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and in great standing within the community. You can trust us to take care of your office space. Ready for a free cleaning estimate? Click here to be contacted by a representative.