Preparing For Back To School

Summer is coming to an end, meaning schools are prepping for the return of their students. Readying classrooms and curriculum for the upcoming academic year. Part of that preparation goes into making sure floors are stripped and refinished.


Although it’s been somewhat of a lost art for a while, the practice of spray buffing is resurfacing. Now we know it’s not only a key to increasing the lifetime of a floor refinishing cycle, but also a powerful way to removing heel scuffs, staining, and spills, while leaving floors with a high-gloss shine.

Here are some of the key steps in the process of spray buffing:


1.   Cordon off the work area with wet floor signs


You don’t want unintended foot traffic while you’re working on your floors. Make sure the area is secured.


2.   Dust and then damp mop


Be sure that you’re using a good quality pH neutral cleaner. Whatever the surface of your floors, you never want to use harsh or abrasive chemicals.


3.   Use a cleaning solution specifically engineered for spray buffing


Sometimes cleaning professionals like to mix their own concoctions. But it’s always best to use a product expressly manufactured for the task of spray buffing.


4.   Start at the farthest end and walk backwards


This eliminates the risk of having to tip-toe or step over areas you’ve already worked.


5.   Lightly spray or mist over equipment directly onto the floor


Small amounts go a long way. There’s no need to douse a floor in cleaner, you’re just wasting product.


6.   Use a low-speed floor machine


With a clean spray buffing pad move the machine side-to-side over approximately a three-foot wide area. Do this twice. Let the machine linger longer over any heavily scuffed floor areas to better remove the scuffs.


8.   Finish by dust mopping the floor


Never let the spray buffing solution dry. If it does, clean the floor area and then re-mist. And for best results, don’t rush the process. Moving slowly over the floor brings out the shine.


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