Prepare Your Commercial Space for Hurricane Season

Prepare Your Commercial Space for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season spans June 1 to November 30 each year and is a concern for a large portion of the United States, particularly the southeast and east coasts. Having a hurricane emergency preparedness and response plan is critical for commercial spaces to minimize damage during a storm and effectively manage cleanup and recovery efforts afterward. The following are tips on how to prepare a commercial space for a severe storm and address clean-up needs and their risks in the aftermath.


Have a Plan


Businesses should have both a disaster recovery plan and a hurricane/severe weather emergency preparedness plan. A comprehensive hurricane preparedness plan outlines roles, responsibilities, and procedures for employees before, during, and after a storm such as what to do to prepare the interior and exterior of the property. It also establishes emergency contacts, including local authorities, utility providers, and restoration companies, to facilitate communication and response efforts.


Secure the Exterior


As soon as a hurricane warning is posted, inspect the exterior of the building for vulnerable areas such as windows, doors, and vents. Windows should be reinforced or boarded to protect against flying debris. To reduce the risk of water intrusion, clear gutters, drains, and downspouts to allow for proper drainage. If your area has them, getting sandbags for the doors will also help avoid water intrusion. If valuable equipment or inventory is outside, it should be secured and placed inside, if possible, to prevent damage. Any trash or debris should be contained and secured or removed from the property, if possible.


Prepare the Interior


Backup critical data and information to offsite servers or cloud storage to prevent loss in case of power outages or equipment damage. Ensure important documents, such as insurance policies and contact lists, are accessible and protected. Stock emergency supplies including flashlights, batteries, first aid kits, non-perishable food, and water for employees who may need to shelter in place. Removing as much clutter and trash as possible will also help in any cleanup efforts after the storm, as well as having clean restrooms and break rooms to minimize bacteria and mold growth in the event of utilities outages or flooding.


Severe storms and hurricanes are common occurrences during the summer, and now is the time to prepare. Proactive preparation helps reduce the risk of damage and allows you to easily evaluate clean up needs in the aftermath of a storm. If you need help getting your space clean and organized to prepare for the possibility of storms, click here to access our free cleaning estimate to see how we can help you be prepared.