Post-Holiday Cleanup From Cleaning Professionals

The holiday season is almost over.  It’s back to work with a backlog of customer orders. But first, it’s time to clean up the office and remove the holiday decorations. Once again, it’s all hands on deck.


This is a great time to sort through decorations, toss anything broken, and pack everything neatly to store away for next year. But that’s not all that needs to be done.


Post-holiday means cleaning the messes left from parties and celebrations. There are spills from holiday meals, water rings from glasses, sticky carpet from spilled food, and maybe a little leftover food behind the planter.


If the mess is small, you can probably handle it yourself, but a large cleanup may necessitate a call to the professionals.


N&A Commercial Cleaning cleans offices, buildings, and most other types of business properties. You can count on top-notch technology for every job including carpet, tile, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, lobbies, and more.


If your office is showing wear and tear from celebrating the holidays, N&A is at your service. Our friendly staff is trained for most cleaning situations.


Our technicians have experience in removing wine stains, water rings, and spills–including on or inside kitchen appliances.  We offer state-of-the-art floor and carpet cleaning equipment to do the job right and our eco-friendly cleaners leave no residue or odors.


We’ll clean the lobby and wash the windows. Upholstery stains will be removed and every surface will be cleaned, polished, and vacuumed.  We will cover every area of your office and have it back in shape (only better) in no time.


Call N&A Commercial Cleaning for a free consultation.  Start the year sparkling clean and ready for business. Evening and weekend cleanings available.


We’re available when you need us most.