3 More Office Items Easy to Overlook That Need Regular Cleaning


3 More Office Items Easy to Overlook That Need Regular Cleaning

Within an office space, there are a seemingly infinite number of places that dust, dirt, and germs can hide. We often talk about how to keep your desk and personal workspace clean and have mentioned a few overlooked places before in a previous blog, but now we’re highlighting three more frequently overlooked items that need to be cleaned regularly.

Electronic Keypads and Door Locks

High touch surfaces such as electronic keypads and door locks should be high on the cleaning list but tend to be overlooked like remote controls. While some brands may have specific cleaning and sanitizing instructions, the general process is to remove dust, dirt, and debris with a soft cloth and then wipe with a solution of mild liquid dishwashing detergent and water to remove stickier grime. Follow up by using only water to wipe the surface again to remove any remaining detergent and immediately dry with a clean towel. Never spray or immerse hardware in water or you can damage the internal electronics. To go another step further and disinfect your hardware, use only a manufacturer approved product to sanitize your hardware because some sanitizers are too harsh or abrasive for certain materials and you can damage the look or feel of your hardware. Once approved sanitizer is applied, allow to air dry to get the full effect of the sanitizer.

Ceiling Fans

Not everyone will notice your ceiling fans, but those who do will appreciate clean fan blades and your attention to detail. There are three simple steps to keep your ceiling fans clean. First, use a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment to clean both sides of the fan blade, the area near the motor and the top of the motor. After all the dirt has been removed, use hot, soapy water to thoroughly wipe the blades and edges. Repeat this process a second time and then wipe dry. Finally, use spray-on furniture polish on the blades to prevent future dirt buildup. This process should be repeated every couple of months.


Sweeping and mopping gets your floors mostly clean, but not entirely clean. Grout lines in tile floors are extremely porous, meaning they easily absorb dirt, debris, and other contaminants — even more so if the grout lines were left unsealed after installation. All tile and grout need occasional deep cleaning and new sealant to maintain appearance and durability. Skipping this part of the care can result in damaged grout, damaged tile, persistent odor, stains, or discoloration of the tile or grout. Find experienced professionals like us who use eco-friendly and stone-safe cleaners to effectively clean, disinfect, and protect your tile and grout without harmful residues, odors, or toxins.

When it comes to cleaning offices, there are many places that people inherently know need to be clean like desks, floors, and bathrooms, but there are so many other places within an office that also need routine cleaning. Ceiling fans, electronic keypads and door locks, and grout are just a few more to add to the list. If you’d rather avoid worrying about the last time anything was cleaned, hiring a knowledgeable and reliable commercial cleaning service like us is the answer. Contact us for a free cleaning estimate.