Office Cleaning Habits To Implement

If you work in an office space or similar corporate setting, then you probably know how important it is to have a clean and organized area to work in. It’s important because of comfort and productivity. If you have a messy desk, you probably spend too much time rummaging through papers and if the general setting is dirty, your customers won’t feel comfortable or will think less of your work ethic.


In order to have a consistently clean work area for  you, coworkers, and customers, it’s best to hire a commercial cleaning company who can constantly maintain cleanliness. However, if your company choses to go without one, these are some tips/rules that you should implement for a clean workspace.


Keep Organized

There are a couple different ways that you can approach the organization process to fit your unique needs. Try starting out with these and then expanding as you see fit.


  • Have an area stocked with essential cleaning supplies, so everyone knows where to go to clean up after themselves. Maybe make a list of rules and hang it up to remind others of what’s expected.
  • Label your storage areas and make sure everyone is on the same page as to where everything should go.
  • Make sure everyone takes responsibility for decluttering their desk space.
  • Organize your team by letting them know what’s expected and how to best take care of your work space.


Get Cleaning

Again, you want to personalize your cleaning habits, however we’ve outlined some of the essentials.

  • Assign a kitchen clean-out day to ensure kitchen space actually stays clean. Throw out anything that fails to be taken home.
  • Clean office phones by using a spray cleaner on a cloth and wiping. Use a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to wipe down dial pads.
  • Have a rotation of who takes out the trash and be sure it gets done! This is especially true in areas people eat, in order to keep bugs away. Also, vacuum around these areas often.
  • Clean microwaves and dishes after use! Dishes need to be cleaned immediately just like the microwave if someone makes a mess.
  • Clean behind furniture and make sure to dust and sweep often!
  • Pretend you’re a customer and walk the paths they would take. Make note of messy areas and give them extra attention.


Implementing these office cleaning habits can greatly increase the appeal of your workspace for everyone who comes through the door. You have to be sure to keep this routine up even when work gets busy, since everyone’s efficiency and comfort truly depends on it.


If this seems like too much to implement for you work space, then we continue to recommend that you reach out to a professional cleaning company that can be sure your location looks its best. It’s really a small investment that will help you save time and increase efficiency!