Now is Time to Prepare for The Coming Flu Season

As the flu season begins this month, it’s good to get prepared for potential illness. According to the New York Times, some experts are concerned that the flu season along with the already existing coronavirus threat can lead to what they are calling a “twindemic.” Some have speculated that more new cases will crop up during the cold and flu seasons; however, this fear is still uncertain. What isn’t uncertain though is the rise of flu and colds. And the possibility of new COVID-19 cases makes it a safe judgement for taking precautions.


As we have heard for months now, hand washing, social distancing, and mask wearing are the best individuals can do, along with healthy habits. However, at N&A Commercial Cleaning, we can help with a particularly important aspect of flu and coronavirus avoidance: disinfecting. Disinfecting eliminates probable germs and viruses that you and your employees may come into contact with.


When the safety of the community now requires sanitation, we are ready to take on that responsibility. As we have done in the past — and what is now our number one priority — we’ll clean your commercial building, wiping away any harmful allergens and viruses.


What do we do to prepare for flu season and possible coronavirus surges? We clean all major areas of your business, paying close attention to areas that have more potential to get dirty like bathrooms, breakrooms, kitchens, and now areas where items are commonly touched. Along with our daily, weekly or monthly cleaning appointments, we also provide janitorial supplies. With this equipment, you can formulate a cleaning strategy anytime, even while we are away — disinfecting doorknobs, wiping tables, cleaning windows, and most significantly, office/work supplies such as pens, keyboards, phones, notebooks, and more. We can also do a major cleanup to get you back on track and then help you keep your area maintained.


While the flu season doesn’t garner the measures taken for coronavirus, it is still important to prepare for it, especially with coronavirus still prevalent and preventive measures being taken. Taking the health of your employees seriously will express a respectability and show a care for your employees, giving them a sense of security while working. We at N&A Commercial Cleaning would like to help you with such arrangements for the coming sicknesses.


We take pride in serving the Orlando area. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we make sure our customers are satisfied with our service. If there is something we missed, contact us and we’ll make it up to you. Our number is 407-947-7186! Call us today and we’ll go over your property with you to develop a plan.