What You Need To Do To Keep Your Office Clean

If you’re like a lot of working people, then you probably spend a good amount of time in the office. This is especially true if you’re a manager, owner, or simply a hard worker extraordinaire.  Spending so much time at work can be exhausting and stressful. That’s why you deserve to give yourself a clean office space, not only for your own comfort, but also for your increased efficiency.


A clean and organized office space keeps you healthy, systemized, and ready to work. So follow these tips for a cleaner work experience.


Organize Your Work Area

When taking on the cleaning task, you’ll want to clear up your desk area first thing. You might have some unnecessary documents, folders that need to be filed, or random objects to be trashed. Organize yourself and then get to cleaning.


Clean Those Keys

The keyboard is where a lot of germs live. Your hands help germs travel and your hands are likely always on the keyboard. Use a magic eraser or a lightly damp towel to get rid of germs and dirt.


Use A Sticky Note For More Than Reminders

You probably have some sticky notes lying around. Well did you know they served a greater purpose then being a note taker? They can also help you remove crumbs from your keyboard. Those pesky little things stuck between the “J” and “K” keys will no longer be there!


Disinfect Those Earbuds

So many people work best while listening to music. And if you don’t have the luxury of blasting your music so everyone can hear, you are probably using some form of ear buds. Let’s face it, they can get really dirty, really quickly. So wipe of the grime with a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol.


Clean Those Pesky Windows And Glass Frames

Windows and glass seem to accumulate fingerprints and streaks that can be annoying and unprofessional. Clean with an easy DIY solution and bring shine and a clean look to your office. Don’t forget about your glass picture frames!


Clean Your Office Chair

Your office chair has probably taken some brutal hits with stains from coffee, dirt, food, ink, or whatever else. That could be a real problem if your chair isn’t black and the stains are visibly bothersome. Use a DIY solution consisting of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide to dab the stains out.


If you’re in charge of the office, not necessarily the cleaning, then you might want to consider hiring a commercial cleaning company. This way your workers will spend less time cleaning and organizing, and more time finishing those reports. Plus, you’ll create a healthy and comfortable working environment promoting efficiency.


If not, be sure to keep the office space clean on your own! You won’t regret taking some time out of your busy schedule to create a welcoming area for you, your employees, or your clients.