N&A Commercial Cleaning Wishes You a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

2020 has been rough year, and we at N&A Commercial Cleaning understand that. Last holiday season, we weren’t expecting a global pandemic to shut down many people’s lives. Our hearts go out to the families who have and/or continue to suffer from the coronavirus, whether it’s loss of job or sickness, and those who have lost a loved one. We hope, especially during this tough time, that you enjoy the Christmas and holiday season. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Even though it has been a long year, we can still find reasons to rejoice this holiday. We at N&A Commercial Cleaning are grateful for the bravery of frontline workers during this pandemic. Nurses, doctors, healthcare officials, delivery personnel and food/retail workers have been there since day one providing excellent services and helping us through the tiring months.


During this time of COVID-19, we recognize that you, the customer, could have chosen any one of the many cleaning companies in Orlando, but you chose us. Thank you so much for selecting us to disinfect your offices and workspaces in the midst of a pandemic, trusting us with the careful job of eliminating possible harmful sicknesses to keep your employees healthy. We will keep you in our thanks in the future, and while we continue to clean your businesses and commercial locations.


Struggle has been a persistent reality for all of us this year, whether it has directly affected us or those around us. We at N&A Commercial Cleaning keep you in our thoughts and wish you all joy and perseverance this holiday season. If you need assistance this holiday season for office cleaning, we are ready and available for any customer requests! Schedule a weekly or daily cleaning appointment with us today. For more information on our services and scheduling, reach out to us at 407-947-7186 or visit our website and find out about our free cleaning estimate.