Motivate Your Employees With A Clean Office

When you think about company productivity, what do you normally think of? Do you think of computers, tools, non-stop working, organization? How about cleanliness? You probably know that there is a link to productivity based on how organized you are. But, also consider the actual cleanliness of your workplace.


If you or your employees are finding yourselves constantly bothered with small (or large) cleaning tasks throughout the day, how can you expect to be efficient? If you’re getting bothered by piled up dust, dirty dishes, full garbage cans, or crumb filled floors, then functioning at full capacity can be difficult. The easiest solution to this epidemic is to hire a commercial cleaning company to take care of your workspace.


However, you might be hesitant to invest in a cleaning service, thinking that you and/or your team can handle it on your own. Or you might need to convince your manager. Whatever your situation is, think about these productivity benefits before you dismiss the idea.


Have A Healthy Team

Annually, the U.S. loses about $227 billion due to “lost productivity” as a result of employee absenteeism—when employees are unable to perform duties because of illness. Factored into that statistic is “presenteeism” or when employees come to work sick, but cannot perform at their best.


A way to avoid lost profits and to simply help your team stay healthy and happy is to be sure you’re providing a clean environment. Making sure the bathrooms are clean, kitchen sink is empty, air filters are changed, and pests aren’t indoors will certainly contribute to your team’s overall wellbeing.


Maintain Office Equipment

Dirty office equipment can lead to its early death since it can short-circuit and over-heat. Not only can this be a costly oversight, but also a life hazard if equipment catches fire. You and/or important documents could be seriously hurt. Don’t risk getting caught up in your work, because the office could go up in flames.


Staff Morale And Concentration

If the keyboards are sticky, the bathroom is a mess, and the carpets are stained, you’re less likely to hold onto a valued employee. Dirty offices have a history of employee turnover and could leave you a huge mountain of work on your plate.


In addition, sensory distractions such as clutter and bad smells have been recorded as serious focus deterrents. Imagine your garbage being responsible for company stagnancy and  decreasing productivity.


In order to give your company the best grounds for productivity, try starting with how clean the workspace is. Whenever you put new sheets on a bed, you probably look forward to jumping under the covers. The same concept can apply to your workspace.


Let cleaning take a priority, but don’t make it yours! Keep your business priorities number one, while you let a commercial cleaning company handle the rest.