Keeping Germs Away


There’s always someone who eats at their desk.  Some people find that they get more done if they stay put. If management doesn’t have a problem with it, that’s okay.


But, if that employee has food spattered on his desk, keyboard, or computer monitor, it’s time for a talk. Germs love clutter and moisture. Some spilled coffee, a spatter of juice or water… it’s all the same. It’s the breeding ground for bacteria.


Did you know that it takes about one hour for germs to travel from person to person and reach 60% of your staff by the end of the day?  An unsuspecting person touches a contaminated surface, and they get sick.


Make employee meetings to discuss clutter, dirt, and bacteria mandatory. Most information is on line, so finding material to talk about is fairly easy.  Most office supply stores now carry wipes specifically made for electronics.  Start a habit to clean up your work space at the end of the day including the phone!


De-clutter as well! Get rid of unneeded pens, business cards, and other doodads sitting around collecting dust. Clutter can be troublesome when it comes to getting things done. A clean, organized office space increases productivity. Even free coffee cups, though hard to say no to, should be tossed or stored away. Get in the habit of recycling, organizing, and wiping.


Here are a few more tips on keeping germs at bay:


  • Don’t use sponges. They hang on to germs like Velcro®.
  • Wash coffee pots, fridges, and microwaves
  • Keep antibacterial products on hand along with gloves and wipes. Be ready for anything.
  • Take turns cleaning Take the team approach.


Call N&A Commercial Cleaning for monthly or weekly cleaning. We’ll clean the things you may have missed.