Keeping Your Business Looking Sharp

Running a business is hard work. Keeping it clean and presentable for your clients is important. The inside of your office should be spotless and ready for a meeting in a heartbeat. But, have you thought about the outside of your business?  What is your business curb appeal?  Does it draw people in?  Do people see a neat, clean office building or store? Is it inviting? Step outside and take a look. Would you shop at your store or business?


If you are leasing and there is no outdoor maintenance service, it’s time to check around. Just like looking for a place to live, you want to find a nice clean looking building. The windows should be clean and well maintained. The outside of the building should be clean and fresh in appearance.  This is your first impression.


Look for a cleaning company that does pressure cleaning, window cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and other outdoor maintenance. The sidewalk should be clean. The entry door and handles should be washed. The entrance to your business should be swept and the floor should shine. A welcome mat should be in a prominent spot, and there should be a clean area for umbrellas and a place for trash. Signage should be clear and in a place easily seen by people coming into your establishment. There should be a place for hand sanitizer and wipes if your business has shopping carts or baskets.


Our motto is “no job is too big or too small.”  The outside of your business is a reflection of what you do. Give us a call for a free cleaning/maintenance estimate. Make your business inviting.


We offer different plans including indoor cleaning and outdoor cleaning. We come when you need us. You decide. Call today.