Keep Your Office Clean to Keep Your Staff Healthy

Man sneezing at office deskKeeping a workspace clean is very important. From impressing clients and customers with a tidy space, to ensuring employees are working in a neat and comfortable area, a clean workspace can provide various benefits. And one of the most important benefits to clean conditions is keeping the staff healthy. When a staff’s working conditions are sanitary, they will be less likely to catch any colds or other sicknesses.


Healthline reports that the average sneeze and cough can spread over 100,000 contagious germs into the air at a rapid pace. This means that many surfaces can become contaminated with germs. The desks the staff use, the table used for important meetings, the chairs the staff will sit in, and the breakroom where food and drinks are prepared can all be space for infectious germs to spread.


However, it is very simple and easy to get rid of and stop the germs from spreading. A regular, thorough cleaning that disinfects surfaces in the workplace will do the right trick in eliminating any unwanted germs. When such a project is done, the workplace will be a healthier environment, furthering the possibility that your employees will not catch a cold and remain well.


When a staff member becomes sick, it can become an inconvenience for many people. Sick employees may cause projects to fall behind or may result in shoveling more work onto others. Also, an ill staff member may miss out on the money they could’ve made. Not only does a thorough cleaning of the workspace benefit your company’s productivity by keeping the employees healthy, it benefits the employees as well.


Since kids are on their way back to school, you never know what germs they may pick up. An employee’s child may bring home a sickness, which may spread to the office. A hygienic and orderly office would stop the germs from spreading to your other employees. 


Your time is valuable, and you understandably don’t have time to clean the workspace. Consider employing a professional cleaning company that fits your unique business needs. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we work with your budget to develop a customized plan. Call for a free estimate.