Keep Walls and Ceilings Clean

When was the last time you washed your walls and ceilings? You may say never, and that’s what most people will say. Maybe a wipe here and there around light switches and hallways, but most people don’t think about wall washing. You look at your walls every day and you get used to the way they look. Unless they are extremely dirty with handprints and stains, you don’t notice how truly in need of a cleaning they are. For one thing, keeping walls and ceilings clean can eliminate many allergens during allergy season.


What a good cleaning can do for your walls:


It’s a good idea to clean walls and ceilings thoroughly before painting. This enables paint to adhere to the surface making it less likely to peel.


It’s a good idea to clean old paint surfaces with steam, and then a good washing with an eco-friendly cleaner. Moldy surfaces can also be removed with steaming and special cleaners. Sealing the walls prior to a fresh paint job will keep mold from coming back.


Vacuuming walls also helps prevent buildup of dust and other allergens. Make this part of your office cleaning.  A good washing and cleaning can also preserve the paint and re-painting can be less often.


A good cleaning can also remove pet dander, *smoke residue, and greasy substances usually found in break rooms.

 *Smoking isn’t allowed in business establishments as it was in the past, but old residue can remain.


Got blinds? They should also be cleaned on a regular basis.  If blinds are vacuumed once a month, you can keep them looking fresh and new for a longer time. When thoroughly vacuumed, soapy water and a sponge can remove most residues from blinds. Extremely dirty blinds may have to be removed for cleaning.


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