Keep the Workspace Free of Allergens


With fall and winter rolling in, weather changes can also usher in an unwelcome season of sickness. The cold temperatures and busy holiday activities do not help and only worsen any allergies or colds you may suffer. During this time of year, your office should be sanitized to make sure any germs and allergens are wiped out and that your employees are healthy for the holidays.


Allergens are everywhere, and they can also prove quite annoying. The most obnoxious experience for yourself and those around you is when your nose won’t stop running and you can’t seem to stop yourself from sneezing. We’ve all dealt with this unfortunate scenario at work at various times. You may miss work or feel in a fog as you try to catch up on deadlines. An effective way of stamping out allergens is a frequent cleaning.


At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we want your workspace to be allergen free. Here are a few types of allergens that could be hiding at your place of business and why a frequent cleaning will eliminate them.



Dust is everywhere, especially in workspaces. You may notice it floating in the air or building up on your computer. For allergens, dust is a haven. You may inhale this dust without knowing it and pick up an allergen. However, a good cleaning of the office can dampen the dust. A complete wipe down of any surfaces, particularly ones that are hard to get to, will eliminate any dust. Make sure to use a damp cloth to prevent sending the dust particles back into the air. If carpets are in your workspace, a thorough vacuuming will also pick up any harmful allergens. Once the cleaning is done, there will be less dust in the air.



Many people suffer with a pollen allergy. When the door to the office swings open, pollen will always invite itself in. You can discard this unwanted guest with a daily or weekly cleaning. Tidying up any surfaces and eliminating clutter on desks or tables will get the job done. Leave a mat by the door so employees and clients can wipe their feet as they enter.


Pet dander

It is unlikely that you have a dog or cat roaming the office; however, employees with pets may unknowingly carry dander on their clothes or bags. Eventually, it may work its way into the workspace. We got you covered in that case. A careful cleaning will wipe out any pet dander that may have been carried in. Your employees with a pet allergy won’t have to worry about getting sick at the office.


Looking for a cleaning service to remove any allergens around your workspace? We are here for you. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we value our customers and want the best for them. If you want to schedule a daily or weekly cleaning appointment, call us now at 407-734-1728 for a free estimate.