How And When To Keep Your Office Clean

Keeping your home clean is already a challenge in itself, so why are we also expected to keep our office clean? It seems to be even harder to keep the workspace clean than your home because papers pile up, work piles up, and cleaning keeps getting pushed down to the bottom of the list. Luckily, we’ve come up with some cleaning guidelines for you to follow that require minimal effort and time.


Daily Cleaning 

You can do a few things every day in order to prevent office build-up and the inevitable clean up that you’ll have to attack. Doing small things every day won’t distract from your work and help you work efficiently in an organized and clean space.


  • Throw out any trash! Junk paper or other debris needs to go in the garbage bin to free up your space.
  • Look for dirt or crumbs. If there are big build-ups that can’t be removed by hand, then use a vacuum to get the job done. Dirt build-up is bad for stains and crumbs attract pests, so be sure to take care of these!
  • Wipe up stains or messes. Anything that will garner distraction or makes your workspace uncomfortable has to be addressed immediately. If there is a sticky spot on your desk, wipe it up. If there is a stain on the corner of your computer or on the carpet, start removing it!


Weekly Cleaning

There are another set of cleaning tasks that you need to consider on a weekly basis to avoid build-up!


  • Dust everything! Dust builds up quickly so be sure you dust the desk, cabinets, walls, shelves, fans, etc.
  • Take out the trash! After a week, you’re sure to have enough pile-up.
  • Wipe down your desk, phone, keyboard, mouse, etc. After a week’s worth of use, your supplies are ready to be disinfected.
  • Sweep and mop floors! Get all that dirt and other messes taken care of at least once a week.
  • Vacuum carpet floors! This is vacuuming on a bigger scale compared to your daily vacuum.


Cleaning doesn’t have to be so bad when you take it one task at a time! Following these cleaning guidelines will help you be more efficient, less distracted, and most importantly work in a clean and organized environment.


An even better way to ensure that all of these things occur is to hire a commercial cleaning company to make your life easier. Leave cleaning up to the professionals while you get your work done and maximize success. Cleaning might just not be your thing, or you might want to make sure all of your employees are benefitting from the same clean you have. Whatever your reasons may be, the shared gift of cleanliness will certainly be appreciated by everyone.