How To Keep Hardwood Floors Looking Great

hardwood floor cleaningHardwood floors are a very desirable floor material for several reasons including ease of cleaning, aesthetic appeal, and warranty protection.


However, keeping those floors looking shiny and clean is a bit more complicated than you might have thought.


Here are 6 tips that can help you keep your hardwood looking great:


1. Vacuum the floor weekly


Vacuuming your floors regularly can significantly protect the finish and appearance of your wood. This is because the fine grit and dust that accumulates on all surfaces can grind into the wood, wearing through your floors finish over time. Microfiber sweepers can also be used as a substitute for vacuuming.


2. Limit exposure to moisture


Water can ruin the appearance of a hardwood floor by penetrating deep within the wood and staining the grain. Wipe up spills immediately, put trays under potted plants, and make sure windows are secured during rain and storms.


3. Invest in an extra-long entry doormat


Because of the sensitivity of hardwood, it’s imperative that you try and reduce tracking in dirt and debris from the outside. An elongated doormat can help trap extra particles from being carried inside.


4. Make use of area rugs


It may seem counterintuitive to have spent all that money installing hardwood floors only to cover them up with rugs, but they really are the easiest way to limit and reduce wear. Opt for those without backings as vinyl or rubber can trap humidity and stain the wood.


5. Research your wax and restorers


Make sure you’re using the right care and maintenance products on your surface. Inadequate or inappropriate products can ruin a finish.


6. Hire a maintenance company


A quality maintenance company such as N&A Commercial Cleaning can help keep your hardwood looking great by developing a custom care plan and only using the best products.