Impress Your Customers With A Clean Office

Happy Maid Cleaning Floor With MopWhether you’ve just opened your business or you’ve been in business for years, the first impression is a lasting impression. Make sure your office is client ready at all times.



Having a professional cleaning service as part of your business is important, but you need a company that is there no matter what, and a company that is reliable when you need them.Once you’ve chosen your cleaning company, think about what you need. A clean waiting area is the beginning of your client’s impression of you. After all, if you don’t make them feel comfortable in a sanitary atmosphere when they visit your business, they may not be your customer for long.



Imagine, if you will, walking into a restaurant, and finding the floors are dirty, the windows are cloudy, the counters are littered with dirty dishes, the tables aren’t wiped clean, and there are lingering odors in the air. Would you sit down and order dinner? Probably not! The same is felt by a client when they walk into a business and find clutter, dirty floors, walls, and windows. If a business can’t put their best foot forward for their customers’ comfort in the entry area, they won’t have much business in the long term.



Making your clients feel welcome and comfortable is key to a good company-client relationship. Walk into any successful auto dealership and you’ll find snack machines or a snack bar, coffee, and clean comfortable furniture to sit on while you wait, and possibly some nice background music. Let’s face it, people don’t like to wait, but if they have to, comfort is important. Make them feel like family and you’ve got a customer for life.



“Where do I start?” you ask. The waiting room is your calling card. Vacuumed carpet, dust-free tables, clean upholstery, and sparkling windows you can see out of are the first step. It’s not so much the décor as it is the cleanliness. People notice.



Hiring a competent commercial cleaning company will enhance your business. Having a clean, comfortable waiting room where clients can enjoy a snack or a fresh cup of coffee while waiting is money in the bank. If your customers know that a wait at your place of business is always a pleasant experience, they will be back.



It’s also important to have clean rest rooms. There is nothing that will turn off a client more than a dirty rest room. Sinks and mirrors should always sparkle, floors should be clean and the lavatories should always be sanitized. Spot checks every hour by employees are important. A good commercial cleaning company will come in 24/7 for emergency cleanups. Also, make sure all plumbing is working to perfection. There is nothing worse than an overflowing toilet.



That pretty much covers the basics of how to impress your customers and keep their business. Make your place of business a satisfying experience and a showplace. This reflects on your business as a whole. You’ll be glad you put in the extra effort.